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Breast Asymetry

Breast Asymmetry Correction in Turkey

About 10% of women suffer from severe breast asymmetry, where one breast is larger than the other. Women’s breasts are not the same size and shape, but the degree of difference can cause introversion.

What is breast asymmetry correction?

After all, it doesn’t matter what causes breast irregularities. The point is that there is a way to transform the breast. Surgery may be suitable for anyone concerned about their breasts. If someone has very mild asymmetry that doesn’t bother them, there’s little benefit to opting for cosmetic surgery.

However, the benefits of surgery can be immense for those who feel it is affecting their self-confidence or that it has ripple effects in their work, personal life, and relationships. Whether surgery is suitable for treating asymmetric breasts can only be decided after a detailed consultation.

What is recovery time after breast asymmetry surgery?

At ProMedClinics, all surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and require an overnight hospital stay. However, your recovery time will vary depending on the procedures you have undergone. Dressings should be worn and changed after one week. You should also wear a sports bra for up to 6 weeks after surgery.

All breast asymmetry surgeries usually require at least two weeks to recover before returning to work. You should also avoid sports activities for at least a month.

It is common to experience bruising, swelling, and pain in the days following surgery. Pain relievers will be prescribed, and ice packs may be used to ease the pain. Also, remember that scars can take up to 7 months to heal fully.

Reasons to choose ProMedClinic in Turkey

ProMedClinic offers an informal consultation to discuss any procedures you may need to undertake. Correcting breast asymmetry may require multiple procedures depending on the surgeon’s evaluation. It may include a combination of breast enlargement, breast reduction, and breast lift.

Who is suitable for asymmetric breast surgery?

Many patients seeking this surgery in Turkey have nodular sinuses, also called tubular sinuses. This genetic condition affects breast development, resulting in delayed growth and often a tube-like appearance.

Elevated breasts often result in a large gap between breasts and asymmetry. For others, you may find that previous surgeries have left you with uneven breasts.

At ProMedClinic, your comfort and safety always come first.

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