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Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Welcome to ProMedClinics, the top hair restoration clinic offering innovative hair restoration methods. Our highly qualified experts are committed to helping you grow a full head of hair and regain your confidence. We are experts in unshaven hair transplantation, a cutting-edge method that enables us to do hair transplantation without shaving your head.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplant

A cutting-edge method of hair restoration known as an “Unshaven Hair Transplant” entails removing individual hair follicles from the donor area and transferring them to the recipient area without shaving the hair. This method is perfect for those who want hair transplant surgery without shaving their heads.

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How do we work?

PROMEDCLINICS employs the most recent tools and technologies for the best service and outcomes. Our skilled surgeons are trained to execute unshaven hair transplants accurately and precisely to ensure minimal scarring and optimum coverage.

1. We carefully examine your hair and scalp before starting the unshaven hair transplant procedure to decide the optimal action.

2. Next, we numb the donor and recipient sites using a local anesthetic. Then, we extract individual hair follicles from the donor area by utilizing the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure, which involves removing each hair follicle individually with a tiny punch instrument.

3. Once the necessary number of follicles have been removed, we carefully transplant them using a specialized needle to the recipient location. We carefully position the follicles at the proper angle and depth to guarantee optimum coverage and a natural-looking result.

4. After the treatment, you might feel sore and uncomfortable, but these side effects should disappear in a few days. To guarantee a quick recovery and the best outcomes, thorough post-operative instructions will be provided to you.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey

Innovative Hair Restoration techniques in Turkey are our area of expertise at Unshaven Hair Transplant, which guarantees that our clients achieve the finest results possible; our qualified surgeons have 20 years of experience available in Turkey for hair transplant and use the most recent technology and procedures.

We take great pleasure in our attention to detail and dedication to providing each of our clients with personalized service. At Unshaven Hair Transplant, we only employ modern and reliable hair restoration techniques to guarantee that our clients receive the outcomes they are looking for. Our team of skilled surgeons in Turkey is committed to assisting you in regaining confidence and your hairline.

Why Choose Us?

At ProMedClinics, we recognize that hair loss can be a delicate subject. We give each patient our undivided attention and respect. Our patients can count on us to provide a secure, comfortable, and stress-free atmosphere.

We will create a tailored treatment strategy that addresses your unique requirements and objectives. Count on us to assist you in regaining your self-esteem and obtaining the full head of hair you’ve always desired.

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We provide access to world-class healthcare facilities with the newest technology and qualified medical staff. Patients can relax knowing that they will get top-notch medical attention while traveling.

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Our medical experts develop a tailored treatment plan based on each patient’s particular requirements and medical background. This guarantees patients the best and most effective care for their illnesses.

Comprehensive Care

ProMedClinics provides complete care and assistance from when you arrive until you go, including transportation, lodging, interpretation, and aftercare. We handle everything so our patients can concentrate on their well-being and recuperation.

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