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Hollywood Smile In Turkey

Discover your ideal smile with the porcelain and lamina (porcelain laminate) service from ProMedClinics in Turkey, created to offer you a self-assured and beautiful appearance! We provide premium porcelain and lamina to enable you to reach your best potential and shine like never before.

What is Porcelain Laminate?

A porcelain laminate, commonly called a porcelain veneer or dental veneer, is a thin porcelain coating manufactured to cover a tooth’s front surface. It is an efficient cosmetic dentistry procedure for enhancing the appearance of teeth that are worn down, chipped, discoloured, or poorly aligned.

Porcelain laminates are permanently attached to the tooth surface with a specialised dental adhesive and are created to replicate teeth’ natural colour and texture. This technique can produce a long-lasting and aesthetically acceptable effect, generally completed in two appointments.

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How Does This Procedure Work?

Every patient wants to understand what they are walking into. It can be distressing to undergo alterations to your appearance, which is why we’re taking you behind the scenes.

Usually, it takes two sessions to install porcelain laminates. The dentist will prepare the teeth during the initial appointment by shaving off a small portion of enamel for the laminate. Then, the dentist will make an impression of the teeth, which will be sent to a dental laboratory to make porcelain laminates manufactured explicitly for each patient.

Using a special dental glue, the dentist will use the second appointment to bond the porcelain laminates to the teeth permanently. The laminates will be precisely adjusted and polished to produce a natural-looking and aesthetically acceptable outcome.

You must consult with one of our board-certified surgeons before making any choices. We prioritise your comfort; get in touch to get things going!

Benefits of Porcelain Laminate

Porcelain laminates are an advantageous cosmetic dental procedure. Listed below are a few of the main benefits:

Improved Oral Health: A variety of cosmetic dental problems, such as discolouration, chips, cracks, misalignment, and gaps between teeth, can be successfully treated using porcelain laminates.

Durability: Laminates made of porcelain are solid and long-lasting; with the correct upkeep, they can survive for many years.

Improves Appearance: Porcelain laminates produce a natural-looking outcome that is stain-resistant and mimics the colour and texture of teeth.

Minimally Harmful: Compared to other cosmetic dental procedures, porcelain laminates require minor tooth preparation, making them a conservative and minimally invasive choice.

Porcelain Laminate “Turkey”

Our skilled group of cosmetic dentists in Turkey provide the highest standard of patient care and satisfaction when doing our porcelain laminate treatments. To provide your smile with the most outstanding results possible, ProMedClinics only employs the best supplies and cutting-edge technology. We provide individualised treatment regimens that are catered to your particular needs and preferences since we recognise that every patient has individual demands and goals.

With the help of our porcelain laminate services, you can have a gorgeous, healthy smile that will increase your self-esteem and quality of life.

Why Choose ProMedClinics for Your Porcelain Laminate?

At ProMedClinics, we recognise that opting for surgery is a significant decision. We are dedicated to giving our patients exceptional quality care and support throughout their journey.
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Luxurious Inns

The potential time and financial commitments involved with having a facelift surgery are acknowledged by ProMedClinics. We provide a five-star hotel experience for our patients who need to remain elsewhere while they recover.

Experience and Knowledge

ProMedClinics has a staff of cosmetic dentists with vast experience and training in porcelain laminate treatment. Our dentists employ current methods and tools to guarantee that our patients receive the best possible care and pleasure.

Techniques for Personalized Treatment

We provide individualised treatment regimens that are catered to your particular needs and preferences since we recognise that every patient has individual demands and goals. Our dentists will work closely with you at every stage to ensure you get the most remarkable outcomes from your porcelain laminate treatment.
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