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Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics

What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital Aesthetics is the field of plastic surgery that focuses on enhancing the appearance and function of the genital area. At ProMedClinics, we offer several procedures within this field, including Labiaplasty, Vaginal tightening, and Vaginal Liposuction. These procedures can address a range of concerns, from correcting functional issues to improving the appearance of the genital area.

We understand that many people may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing genital aesthetics, which is why we provide a compassionate and confidential environment for our patients. Our expert team of plastic surgeons is highly skilled in these procedures and is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their desired results. We’re proud to offer our Genital Aesthetics services to help our patients achieve this goal.

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Types of Genital Aesthetics Procedures

We offer different types of procedures that can help our patients with Genital Aesthetics. These procedures include the following:

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery that involves reshaping or resizing the labia minora (the inner lips of the vulva). This procedure is usually done to improve the appearance of the labia, reduce discomfort or irritation caused by overly large or asymmetrical labia, or enhance sexual satisfaction. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove excess tissue and reshape the labia to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Recovery time is generally about two weeks, during which patients should avoid strenuous activity and sexual activity.

Vaginal Tightening:
Vaginal tightening, also known as vaginoplasty, is a surgical procedure that tightens the vaginal muscles and tissues. This procedure can improve sexual function by increasing sensation during intercourse and improving a patient’s ability to orgasm. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove excess tissue and tighten the vaginal muscles.

Vaginal Liposuction:
Vaginal liposuction is a procedure that involves removing excess fat from the mons pubis (the fatty area above the vulva). This procedure can improve the appearance of the pubic area, create a more aesthetically pleasing shape, and enhance sexual satisfaction. During the procedure, the surgeon will make a small incision and use a cannula to remove excess fat.

Genital Aesthetics Turkey

Turkey has become a top destination for genital aesthetics procedures due to its high-quality medical facilities, experienced and certified surgeons, and affordable prices. Many patients from around the world travel to Turkey to undergo genital aesthetics procedures and benefit from the expertise of Turkish surgeons. ProMedClinics is proud to be a leading provider of genital aesthetics services in Turkey.

Genital Aesthetics Costs

The cost of genital aesthetics procedures can vary depending on the type of procedure and the individual patient’s needs. Generally, more complex procedures will be more expensive than less invasive procedures. At ProMedClinics, we offer a range of genital aesthetics procedures, and our pricing is competitive and transparent. We provide detailed information about our pricing and can work with patients to develop a treatment plan that meets their requirements.

To learn more about our pricing or to schedule a consultation, please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with detailed information about the costs of our genital aesthetics procedures.

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